Dan Andrews, Co-Founder of tropicalMBA

Dan Andrews

Dan Andrews

Dan Andrews is the Co-Founder of tropicalMBA.com. He has been building lifestyle business for over 6 years, like cat furniture and portable bars, that allows him to live everywhere in the world. He currently have over 16 employees worldwide. You can also follow him through is famous podcast called The Lifestyle Business podcast.


Which knowledge or experience have facilitated your career?

That’s a tough question ! It’s tough to say. On the one hand I could say: manufacturing and sales. It’s because I know about this stuff that I was able to grow a business, but one’s core drives and intersets matter a lot too. I have a lifelong interest in Philosophy and History which I think helped motivate me to ultimately do my own thing in life. When you compare the fears of a middle class suburban upbringing to the what most humans on this planet have endured, or against the inevitability of our deaths, it’s a lot easier to continue to push the limits and build things you can be proud to be a part of.


If you could go back, what would you do better and what wouldn’t you do at all?

I would have been more confident and focused on the work I knew was valuable and I knew I loved. Especially at the beginning when you are waiting for your first cash flow to come in it can be easy to focus on external validations, which can cause stress. The longer I’m an entrepreneur the longer term my mindset gets used to and I don’t get so stressed out in the moment when things don’t work out.


What were your biggest difficulties?

Dealing with bad partnerships and growing a cash intensive business with very little money. We had to get clever and hire people in places like the Philippines, reduce our salaries, and work very hard. I’m glad we didn’t take on investment money, though.


What do you think is the best habit which allows you to get the best results in your life/work?

I hang out with amazing people who have like minds and who are doing the types of things I aspire to do. I also work on my business every single day (which forces me to chose a business I love).


What would you suggest to the people who want to follow in your footsteps?

Get a job working for people you want to be like.


What is success for you?

In business and work terms only– owning my own time so I can spend it on the types of work I love. Living wherever I want in the world for as long as I want.


What would you suggest to the people who want to start a company?

Get a job for a small business entrepreneur. That’s like free training and a petri dish for you to test your skills and ideas.


How do you set your goals?

In a weekly meeting with my business partner! Write them down!


What motivates you?

Reading the books of people who’ve done great things. Currently reading about the founders of Vietnam in Vietnam: A History.


Who was or is your mentor?

I’ve had quite a few– which is to say they are important and if you aspire to be an entrepreneur I very much recommend finding one!

Dan Andrews

Dan Andrews

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